Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Graveslinger: A Penny Dreadful Review

It’s a little Jonah Hex, it’s a little Night of the Living Dead, it’s Graveslinger by Jeff Mariotte and Shannon Denton. I rather enjoyed this vendetta against resurrected killers.
The main character, Frank Timmons, is a greedy prison undertaker in Arizona who robs the wrong body and releases more than a hundred hardened killers from hell. They raze the town and kill Frank’s lady love while he sinks into an alcoholic stupor. Since Frank made this mess, it falls to him to clean it up by tracking down every single undead outlaw. By doing so, he has a chance to rescue his woman’s soul from Hell. Throw in a simmering range war, some not-so-innocent bystanders, and a handheld gatling gun, and you have yourself one hell of a comic. The moral of this story is that if a criminal is known as El Brujo, which is Spanish for The Witch or The Warlock, it’s probably best to leave his personal effects alone.
The art by John Cboins and Nima Sorat that brings this comic to life is spare and evocative. It features a dry and desolate palette of desert colors. A lot of reds and browns clothe the gaunt characters and their Arizona environment. Except for the walking dead. The zombies are a sickly, wet-looking mixture of greens and blues, and the viewer can tell right off that they are something that does not belong in this world. It’s a nifty touch.
I give this comic three gears out of five. It was a fun read, but the story left me almost corpse cold in places. It definitely makes a good addition to a home comic collection, and is a pretty good adventure.

You Correspondent from the Bookstore,
Penny J. Merriweather

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