Monday, August 11, 2014

Avalon Revisited

Avalon Revisited: A Penny Dreadful Review

Not many characters can seduce and murder someone in the first chapter and still wind up being the good guy.  Arthur can.  Welcome to Avalon Revisited by O. M. Grey.  It’s a dark, sexy, vampiric, Steampunk romance with a hint of delightful absurdity.
The narrator is Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII’s older brother.  I find historically-based vampires fascinating, so I loved this book from page one.  Arthur lives the high life in London, seducing his way through the Quality.  Then, at a gala on an opulent dirigible, he meets Avalon.  Avalon is the girl of the dreams he didn’t know he was dreaming.  She is a vampire hunter investigating a series of gruesome murders, only one of which is Arthur’s fault.  Enamored, Arthur joins her vampire hunting in order to win her heart.  The absurdity of a vampire becoming a vampire hunter has the comical results one would expect, in addition to several less pleasant consequences.  Avalon Revisited is dark and beautiful.  If Edgar Allen Poe were into romances, he might enjoy this one.
This is not a book for the innocent or faint of heart.  Some portions are quite graphic and beautiful.  I’ve never read such entrancing descriptions of feminine anatomy.  I found it inventive and pleasing, but someone else might be offended by the passages of a delicate nature.  Read the first chapter, and if that’s too much for you, put down the book.
I give Avalon Revisited a solid four gears out of five.  It was sexy and dark and Steampunk. The only flaw is that it is far too short.  Brava, O. M. Grey.

Your Correspondent from the Bookstore,
Penny J. Merriweather

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