Monday, September 7, 2015

Butterfly Gate

Butterfly Gate: A Penny Dreadful Review

A brother and sister stray from their nanny whilst hunting butterflies. They stumble upon a mysterious gate guarded by a stone idol. Quite by accident, they discover that blood opens the ancient door. They glimpse the wonders beyond, but it shuts in their faces before they can truly experience the gate’s eerie magic. They need more blood, and Nanny has lots…
Butterfly Gate is told by Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose with no words. There is only art. It is beautiful. It is also incredibly disturbing. This is the sort of thing a toddler could “read” to you, but I would not put this into the hands of a child. They might get ideas.
The style might remind you of the style of the True Grit comic adaptation or other projects. That would be because both the writer and the illustrator worked on that comic and, according to the aethernet, have been quite busy living the dream and being amazing. This project – I’ve only seen the first issue – is one of several ongoing sequential art projects at Improper Books, a fantastic indie publisher in the UK. As a Steampunk, I recommend investigating their work. It has the twisted, fairy-tale quality that makes Butterfly Gate so enchanting.
Four and a half gears out of five all around. This is brilliant, gorgeous, and terrifying. I highly recommend picking up Butterfly Gate from

Your Correspondent From The Bookstore,

Penny J. Merriweather

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