Monday, August 31, 2015

Doctor Tripps: Kaiju Cocktail

Doctor Tripps: Kaiju Cocktail, A Penny Dreadful Review

I recently passed a diverting afternoon with an excellent novelette containing the maddest of mad science. And Rasputin. This slim volume is entitled Doctor Tripps: Kaiju Cocktail, and it contains a chapter entitled “Sheepzilla.” The author Kit Cox has created something like a cheesy science fiction movie in book form, and it is glorious.
The titular Doctor Tripps dislikes the new garish diesel engines. He much prefers a world powered by graceful steam boilers. Being a man with his brain on display inside a glass dome, he concocts a scheme. People like Doctor Tripps do not plan. They scheme. He creates a formula that causes monstrous transformations, taking an ordinary sheep or flying baboon or mad Russian monk and turning them into something much more enormous and terrifying. His intention is to provoke war and destroy diesel technology.
The world, of course, does not enjoy being attacked by monsters. Mr. Diesel (who is not, in fact, dead) has convoluted, invention-filled plans of his own intended to counter Doctor Tripps. The illustrious and impeccable women at NANI stand steadfastly between the children of the world and the dangers of it. And one young foundling becomes a hero when his master weasels out of an obligation.
Kaiju Cocktail is a joyful thrill ride on many different types of conveyances. It is adventure and inventions. It is monsters and good guys vanquishing them. It is fun for the whole family.
I give Doctor Tripps: Kaiju Cocktail three and a half gears out of five. It was a delight to read, and I highly recommend picking up a copy from Telos publishing. In closing, beware of giant sheep whilst traveling by train, particularly if your death might trigger a world war.

Your Correspondent From The Bookstore,
Penny J. Merriweather

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