Monday, March 30, 2015

Clockwork Watch

Clockwork Watch: A Penny Dreadful Review

            It is difficult to review an immersive multimedia experience. That is the challenge I face in this review. I have purchased two graphic novels and a comic that are but a piece of the world of the Clockwork Watch. I can only convey fragments of the fascinating world at which these works hint.
            I shall begin with The Arrival. Queen Victoria has invited an engineer by the name of Chan Ranbir to come live in England to work on a project. This project is clockwork automatons. The Arrival is told through the eyes of Mr. Ranbir’s young son. It is the beginning of a strange new world.
            The automatons, or Clockworks, multiply. They are servants in every home, workers in every factory. Advanced models think and feel. Some love them. Some hate them. Janav Ranbir, the estranged son of the man who invented this new race of clockwork people, hates them. He joins an agency called the Clockwork Watch, devoted to policing the activities of these Clockworks.
            Each graphic novel contains articles, and flyers, editorials and mini-stories about various denizens of this strange world. These are derived from the blog posts and live role-playing events on the website. YOU, the reader, the consumer, become the creator. This shared experience is kind of incredible. Five gears out of five, all around.
            The graphic novels are brilliant. I love the art of Jennie Gyllblad wherever I see it, and here she’s just brilliant. The story was dreamt up and begun by Yomi Ayeni, and now it is so much more. Visit to see where it is now.

Your Correspondent From the Aethernet,

Penny J. Merriweather.

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