Monday, March 16, 2015

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, A Penny Dreadful Review

            I do love a good mashup. Seth Grahame-Smith is the master of mashups, being the mastermind behind my beloved favourite Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. I found Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to be an excellent example of this bizarre genre. How could I classify a smashing together of the modern concept of vampires and the life of one of the greatest presidents of the United States as Steampunk? Simple. A good mashup borrows from history and from modern day, combining ingredients until something entirely new is formed. Is this not the very base of Steampunk? A sort of modern nostalgia? A re-imagining of the past? A… mashup of old fashions and new values?
            At any rate, let me proceed with my review. According to this strange biography of President Lincoln, his troubles with vampires started from an early age. He saw the wasting death of his mother, which was caused by a vampire, and vowed revenge on these horrifying and powerful night creatures. His efforts against this scourge fit quite nicely into the biographical gaps in his youth, and provide extra motivation for his learning, log-splitting, and political efforts. For example, at one point, he discovers that vampires in the south are buying and selling slaves as one would buy and sell bacon: that is, with feasting in mind. This gives him extra fire as he runs for president and extra motivation to end the abhorrent slave trade once and for all.
            Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is well-crafted, well-researched, and a rollicking good read. I highly recommend it for any fan of American History. I give it four gears out of five.

Your Correspondent From The Bookstore,

Penny J. Merriweather

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