Monday, December 8, 2014

Ribald For Your Pleasure 2: Poetic Boogaloo!

Ribald For Your Pleasure 2: Poetic Boogaloo!: A Penny Dreadful Review

            You may have heard of the Cogkneys, They are a duo of poetic entertainers who wander the land bringing mirth, satire, and Steampunk. They have books filled with their literary endeavors with them wherever they go. I, encountering them one evening, secured a copy of Ribald For Your Pleasure 2: Poetic Boogaloo!
Ribald is not a misnomer. Several poems and ditties are adult in nature, such as the excellent ode “Smut!” and the suggestive “Any Port In A Storm.” Several are delicious parodies such as “Phonograph Killed The Music Hall Star,” and some are gleeful praises of the world of steam and goggles, like “Powered By Steam.” There are even a couple of works of great seriousness thrown into the mix. It also includes a Steampunk Christmas carol, making it an excellent yuletide gift, especially for a Whovian or a lover of Lovecraft (there’s a poem about a dalek and one set in Innsmouth).
            The poetry is fairly skilled, though at times the lines seem uneven. Some works in this anthology are perhaps not as inspired as the others. I even caught a couple of what I hope are typos marring the finished product. On the whole, though, I would certainly recommend this ribald little poetry collection for your pleasure.
Ribald For Your Pleasure 2 earns three and a half gears out of five. I recommend this for reading (or singing) aloud to a group of your adult Steampunk friends. It must be shared to be properly enjoyed, and it will bring laughter and delight to any social gathering (unless there are children present, in which case it will bring awkward questions).

Your Correspondent From The Bookstore,

Penny J. Merriweather

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